Winter fun word-work!

With the Winter season upon us, challenge your students to use the letters in "Winter" to make as many words, with at least 3 characters that can be made out of the letters in Winter.

Hint: W-I-N-T-E-R...There are about 45 smaller words that these letters can make!

Depending on the level and needs of your students, you can extend this activity with the following ideas:

  1. Tell students how many words can be made out of the big word. This information gives them a baseline to know when they are getting close.

  2. Assign teams to complete this task. Then, see which team comes up with the most words.

  3. Give students letter cards that spell out "Winter" and let them manipulate the letters for their word making. Magnetic letters on a cookie sheet always work well too!

  4. Once students have created their smaller words, have them sort them. Some may sort by parts of speech while others may sort their words by number of letters, meaning or vowel sounds. Be creative!

  5. Allow students to pick a larger Winter-related word and challenge the class or a small group to create smaller words.